• Redistribution and inventory management of end of life mobile devices,
    Supply chain management services, B2B sales, Wholesale

  • GSM Supplier provides services in major markets on three continents

    GSM Supplier provides services in major markets on three continents

  • We distribute a wide range of mobile products from all major manufacturers

  • We guarantee delivery to any part of the world

  • Your success is our Ambition!

About GSM Supplier:  GSM Wholesale Distributor

Over the years, GSM Supplier has built a renowned reputation as a reliable worldwide mobile phone distributor. A leading supplier of GSM wholesale phones and mobile devices, GSM Supplier consistently offers clients high quality products from the world’s top manufacturers at the lowest prices available. The company’s main goal is to consistently provide clients with real value that they can leverage to create greater success in their own businesses.

Dedication to the Client

GSM Supplier provides clients top cell phones at the best prices. The company aggressively strives to keep prices well below the market average for a number of reasons:

  • GSM Supplier’s numerous long-standing relationships with cell phone manufacturers and its immense global buying power gives the company the ability to pass on wholesale savings to it’s clients.
  • The company can serve a wider market and sell higher quantities of wholesale cell phones by keeping prices lower than the competition.
  • But most importantly, GSM Supplier brings clients the same great mobile phone products at lower prices because the company is dedicated to serving not just the company’s own interests but the interests of its clients.

By building mutually beneficial relationships, GSM Supplier hopes to help build its client’s businesses as well as its own.  Respectful, honest, service-oriented relationships are at the heart of GSM Supplier’s business model.

Unbeatable Mobile Phone Buying Power

GSM Supplier’s global reach gives the company immense buying power and the flexibility to provide customers around the world with products in moderate to high quantities. The company’s extensive product list currently includes:

  • OEM phones
  • factory refurbished cell phones
  • unlocked phones
  • just-released phones from carriers
  • tablets
  • other types of mobile devices

GSM Supplier has a growing inventory of mobile phone wholesale products from such manufacturers as Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, LG, HTS, and Sony Ericsson.

With a presence around the world, GSM Supplier is able to make quick purchasing decisions and buy mobile phones for retailers in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. The company currently has offices and representatives in the United States, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and the Republic of Seychelles. No quantity is too large, and no cell phone wholesaler is too big to exceed the scope of GSM Supplier.

Serve Better, Serve Longer

GSM Supplier’s global wholesale cell phone business is built upon solid relationships with respected manufacturers, mobile phone distributors, phone carriers, and retailers. By leveraging the company’s own buying power, negotiating with cell phone wholesale businesses, and staying on top of GSM distributor trends, GSM Supplier is able to provide clients with top quality products more efficiently and affordably than anyone else.

No other cell phone distributor can offer the level of service provided by GSM Supplier. This is because beyond delivering great products to clients, GSM Supplier delivers value. With lower pricing, faster delivery, and better service, GSM Supplier gives clients the value they need to satisfy their own clients, improve their market stance, and grow their business.


GSM Supplier Ltd does not represent and is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by, the carriers and the manufacturers and names and logos are their respective registered trademarks use to identity services and products.